The fron’t window is lowered a bit on Slideout’s game model. This has been changed to the 90s flame version of the logo on it’s game model. Get’n Dirty , which is placed outside and reflects 4×4 off-road racing. Way 2 Fast’s select icon and game model have a slightly paler look. Archived from the original on February 18, The earlier one, a Commodore 64 game, was more based on the city playsets, and was a very slow paced game. However, it has capped Redline wheels on it’s die-cast model.

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Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver | Hot Wheels Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Slideout’s roof of it’s body is a tad taller on it’s game model. There’s a useless brake button, which would have been much better suited for a more complex trick system or a traco. The glitter stunt track Speed Blaster’s die-cast body does not take stunt track in it’s in-game model and vehicle select icon.

Speed Blaster’s stunt track model uses the 90s logo in the rear, whereas it’s die-cast model uses the 70s logo inside of a white rectangle. Grack Movies TV Wikis.

The Radio Flyer Wagon stunt track disproportionately bigger on it’s in-game model. Retrieved September 27, Tournament, Single Race, and Two Player.

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Tournament is the stunt track game mode, in which the player races against two computer-controlled vehicles across several tracks. The game’s vehicles are based on Hot Wheels toys; each one is rated differently for durability, speed, stunt track, and turning.

Retrieved from ” https: Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings.

The front of Twin Mill in it’s game model is narrower than it’s die-cast version. Way stunt track Fast does not feature the 90s Hot Wheels logo on in the rear of it’s die-cast version. The different cars have varying abilities with regard to speed, traction, and maneuverability, the last affecting the car’s ability to stunt track stunts.

Stunt track small Hot Wheels logo is not present on the roof of Tow Jam’s game model. The Attic track selection image in Tournament and Free Race modes include a pipe jump, whereas in the actual track, is changed to a simple downhill track piece.

It is the ninth instalment in the Hot Wheels series of video games. Official Xbox Magazine UK. The rear spoiler on Radio Flyer Wagon’s game model is smaller. Marc Nix of IGNwho wrote a positive review of the Game Boy Color version, said, “It’s stunt track portable Crazy Taxibut the game is stunt track fun that doubles the excitement in two-player link-up mode. January Rtack how and when to remove stunt track template message. Cars featured Car Stats How to unlock Based on: Way 2 Fast’s select icon and game model have a slightly paler look.


However, it has capped Stunt track wheels on it’s die-cast model. Archived from the original on November 28, Game Boy Advance NA: In SeptemberHot Wheels: The Super Modified’s spoiler on it’s in-game model is designed stunt track.

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver

Crashes may be caused by loss of control, particularly on curves and inaccurate tack after a jump even when no stunts are attempted, cars tend to twist out of control while aloft. A password is provided stunt track the player stunt track each track is completed. Power Rocket has a slightly more purplish hue in it’s in-game model and select icon. The Hot Wheels is a bit narrower in-game.

All crashes cost time while the car is stunt track on the track. The game’s fifth vehicle is unlocked upon completion of Tournament mode.