The following acceleration and graphics engine Options are supported: Option “HWCursor” ” boolean “. The following PCI bus Options are supported: Is there a way to make it work? The following video memory Options are supported: Oh yeah, in case you don’t already know

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Option “mclk” ” integer “.

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This is the first option to try if your server runs but you see graphic corruption silicon motion sm720 lynx3dm the screen. When reporting problems with the driver send as much detail am720 possible, including chipset type, a server output log, and operating system specifics.

Oh yeah, in case you don’t already know So just add that to the live cd boot line. This is used for custom panel timings. Xorg 1xorg.

For example 50Mhz is the same as Khz or Hz. Sets the memory clock. The following PCI bus Options silicon motion sm720 lynx3dm supported: Option “VideoKey” silicon motion sm720 lynx3dm integer “. EXA is a newer acceleration architecture with notion performance for the Render and Composite extensions, but the rendering code for it is newer and possibly unstable. I’m working on this one too I tried Slitaz cooking on my Acer Travelmate c, but after a while the boot process ended in a blank screen.

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CSC video uses color space conversion to render video directly to the framebuffer, without using an overlay. All options names are case and white space insensitive when parsed by the server, for example, “lynxe” and “LynxE” are equivalent.

Section “Device” Identifier ” devname ” Driver “siliconmotion” Only available on MSOC chips. It should silicon motion sm720 lynx3dm on most recent PCI chipsets. This should work on all but a few broken PCI chipsets, and will increase performance.

The driver is fully accelerated, and provides support motoin the following framebuffer depths: If you find a problem with Xorg or have a question not answered in the FAQ please use our bug report form available on the web site or send mail to xorg lists. PciBurst must be enabled for this to work. The following acceleration and graphics engine Options are supported: All visual types are supported for silicon motion sm720 lynx3dm 8, and TrueColor visuals are supported for the other depths.



Option “HWCursor” ” boolean “. Use the BIOS to set the modes.

This option is only used for debugging purposes on MSOC chips. The default is XAA. Option “PanelSize” ” width x height “. Thanks, I will give it a try as soon as possible.

You must specify the units.

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Twitter Facebook Distrowatch Wikipedia Flattr. The driver auto-detects the chipset type, but the following ChipSet names may optionally be specified in the config file “Device” section, and will override the auto-detection:. Chooses between silicon motion sm720 lynx3dm acceleration architectures. Register or log in – lost password?

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