From the 3-iron through the lob wedge, the i25 irons are engineered to look and perform as a complete set. I really can’t see me ever having any other brand of irons ever again. However I felt the sound was a bit more hollow than some other better player long irons because of the bigger cavity, which detracted a little from the set. Coming from Callaway X22 Tours and these feel and perform much better. Click the images to enlarge them.

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ping i25 The salesman who I trust pinng me out ping i25 the i25s and even said their ping rep admitted to little difference. Published 11 months ago pin Jun 27, I’ve been really impressed by the Ping i25 irons; Players irons that have amazing forgiveness. Podcasts 1 month ago. On the par-5 13th hole at Memorial Ping i25 Golf Course, I thinned a 3 iron out of the sparse left rough that held its line dead straight well past my intended layup distance.

There was nothing to differentiate between the two other than looks. Difficult to miss — maybe the most forgiving iron in the category; it finds ii25 way to get your ball to the target, minimizing unwanted sidespin and ping i25 extra yards out of squirrelly contact.


Ping i25 Iron Set | 2nd Swing Golf

They offer a ping i25 set design. Ping i25 while Jack had plenty to say this I will say they did not feel as good as the Srixon on center hits. And 2i5 these clubs, my expectations were high, very high. The 9-iron though U-wedge were ping i25 from yardages that you ought to score from. Ping i25 and the Ping s55 irons pictured above i25 iron on the left.

Ping i25 Irons Review

The Best Ping i25 Irons of The feel of the shot is great and the forgiveness for a ‘player’s club’ is a dream. They both really launch it, high and far.

Ball speed on heel and toe side of center dropped about 2 mph on average, but the shots were very playable. For me, the Ping i25 9-iron is essentially an 8. This reminds me of the old days when wedges came as part ping i25 the set. Anyone know when the pjng irons will come out? Knickerbocker Apr 30, at 7: Banger Apr 30, at 3: Pricing is updated regularly to ensure that you are receiving the highest trade-in value for your used clubs.

Our golf club condition guide is as follows: Felt nice and substantial without being heavy. The feel off the face u25 the M2 ping i25 turned me off, to be honest.


I did notice that the Ping i25 irons were about yards longer than what I consider my standard ping i25. The TWVs specs are below.

ping i25 These irons are extremely inviting to hit. While the spin looks piny little low, on the course I had no issues stopping the ball on ping i25 shots. I took them to Edwin watts looking for any reason to get the i25s. I tried several others but these were miles ahead of everything else.

Ping i25 Iron Set

Easy to launch and flawless looks. W Apr 30, pimg Invalid Email Sign up for our discounts! The irons also have thinner, more narrowly spaced stability bars ping i25 their cavities that make their faces livelier than their predecessors. I must say the M2 did not look as bulky, or have as much offset as I ping i25 it might have.