How the Mousetrapper Control Pad works. There are five buttons situated around the steering pad. A center button lets you scroll up, down, and across any window. The basic Mousetrapper model, easy to use with a modern design. Work Smart – Feel Good.

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MouseTrapper Advance Review & Rating |

How the Mousetrapper Control Pad works. This was cute when he was five, but worrisome at seventeen. Intuitive functions like double-clicking become awkward. KarlqvistJensenHaberg At Mousetrapper, we have a mission: Just in case you need to quickly refer to the user manual for operating instructions, the underside of the Mousetrapper Advance has a compartment specifically design to store the small manual that comes with the product.

Key features Four buttons with scroll and auto-scroll functions Control pad with click function USB plug-and-play. Lite is an ergonomic alternative to a mouse that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse. Which Mousetrapper suits you best?

The result is a touchpad that puts very little stress on the user’s wrist, and requires none of the potentially damaging positioning caused by gripping a mouse. The wrist supports can also easily be replaced.

Plenty of useful buttons. The Best Laptops of Membrane Cursor control area: When the steering pad’s surface can no longer be moved to either side due to limited left and right movementbut the cursor is not yet mousetrappsr the edge of your screen, the cursor will automatically move to the screen edge. Work Smart – Feel Good.


Mousetrapper Advance

Next, plug the USB cable into an available port on your computer. Many of the intuitive controls that you’ll find on a common mouse, like double clicking, the scroll-wheel, or gesture controls like two-fingered scrolling, are either absent or simply re-imagined in such a way as to make it a very different activity.

No one should suffer pain due to working in an awkward position with a mouse. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This mouse is suitable for a standard keyboard. Mousetrapper Advance – without keyboard.

Where to buy Product leaflet Watch video. Bottom Line The MouseTrapper Advance offers one of the most ergonomically-friendly mouse alternatives we’ve seen, with a unique moving touchpad and a comfortable wrist rest. A unique and ergonomically-friendly alternative to the standard mouse or touchpad.

While there are many aspects to the Mousetrapper Advanced mkusetrapper are undeniably unique some might say strangethey are generally dictated by the unusual design, and mesh well with it. Outstanding ergonomic performance with large, soft wrist supports.

Advance 2.0

Mousetrapper Lite Lite is the base product in the Mousetrapper range, and is designed to suit a full-size keyboard. An ergonomic boon to typists, a wrist rest allows your joints to sit at a more natural angle, while relaxing, reducing tension advacne the strain that leads to carpal tunnel and similar maladies.


Super-slim, ergonomic design Accent colours in white or turquoise Control pad with click and scroll functions 6 programmable buttons for customisation to your own needs, using MT Keys Replaceable wrist supports Height adjustment with folding non-slip surface dpi Facts: Mousetrapper Flexible Flexible is small, light and wireless, and is the most compact product in the Mousetrapper range.

The mouse is positioned in front of the keyboard, encouraging you to adopt a neutral posture.

Your fingers do not move on the surface of the steering pad as they would on a touchpadthey mouestrapper the steering pad itself. Prime has everything you want from a Mousetrapper and more. USB connection to your desktop or laptop computer. The mat extends four inches from the end of the wrist rest, providing more than enough surface area to accommodate any irregularly shaped keyboards.