Against Battery life could be longer More data options Fingerprint attracting screen Slightly too-small screen. Select Infrastructure Mode to connect your local Wi-Fi access point. Your Mobile Wi-Fi automatically connects to the internet when you turn it on. Don’t show me this message again. They are both the same pebble size, both feature a display at the top and a big “3” logo at the bottom and both offer microSD card support, allowing you to expand your storage options. Don’t have an account? Don’t include personal information, e.

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You can enjoy hhawei short message SMS service on the web management page. And yes, you can view those files on devices like the Apple iPad, although uploading and downloading is not possible. Verdict We loved the original Mi-Fi, but were frustrated by the lack of information available to us. Automatically detect networks in range, and then display the access point list.

Huawei E585

Thanks for your huwwei. If you’ve yet to jump on the dongle bandwagon and you are looking to do so, as long as you’ve got good 3 coverage in your area, this is definitely worth a punt. They are both the same pebble size, both feature a display at the top and a big “3” logo at the bottom and both offer microSD card support, allowing you to expand your storage options.


Select Scan to detect networks in range. Using a MicroSD guawei.

Your feedback is totally appreciated. More Accessing web management page. Don’t have an account? By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The following pictures are provided for illustration only.

We recommend that you keep this setting.

To set up a Wi-Fi connection, the PC must be configured with a wireless network adapter. MiFi devices take a 3G signal in and share it through their own Wi-Fi network, allowing phones and laptops to share a single connection. Once the battery and SIM card are installed behind the removable plastic cover you’re ready to go.

When the E5 gets heated to a certain extent, it will switch off or.

Huawei E support – Changing your settings. – Three

See Help on the web management page. One long press of this turns the modem on and off, and a short press turns the screen on when the device is idling. What were you doing? That’s handy if you aren’t already signed up to hjawei like Dropbox, for example. The actual connecting procedure depends on the operating system of the Wi-Fi device or computer.

Page 11 that the E5 is powered off.

The microSD card is an optional accessory. If you’d like it to ask you before connecting, change the Connection mode to Manual.

Gone are the confusing buttons on the right-hand side of the unit, and in its stead is one single power switch that lets you turn it on and off.


If there are interferences or shields near the E5, you can adjust the position of the E5. You can perform the connection operations as prompted. Tips If you cannot use the E5 properly, you can try the following ways: Check and ensure that the Client is connected to the E5 properly.

Select New Connection to specify a mnemonic connection name such as MyE5. As we’ve said, the device has been locked to Three, so if you wanted to switch to another operator then you’re stuck unless you want to get into the murky world of updating the firmware. If the E5 is placed in an environment with poor ventilation, it will get heated after.

However, it’s with iPads that the MiFi E really comes to the fore, as it can replace the need to pay more for a 3G version of Apple’s tablet, saving you a lot of cash in the process. Check and record the following settings of your Client and your E5: