The F3sv provided surprising results in this area. The disappointment lies in the 1GB standard memory. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The one connection lacking here is HDMI, which is becoming very common on modern televisions and home theatre systems. The F3sv-A1 handles Oblivion without much issue. The notebook arrived packed very neatly in a sleek corrugated cardboard box with a plastic handle. The GB hard drive is partitioned by default into three partitions:

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This game suffers quite a bit to play, although benchmarks show decent framerates for this DX10 demo. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected.

Visit our network of sites: Adding to the media aspect of this notebook, a 1. That’s not to say it’s entirely devoid of interesting features.

Asus has provided the LifeTouch software to use the video and still abilities of this camera. The Asus name has been synonymous with quality notebooks, and the F3sv-A1 certainly exemplifies it. The keyboard is fairly noisy, but does not have any noticeable flex when typing. As noted, the provided six-cell battery provides a measly one hour of audoo life under Vista with all features turned on.

It is an elegant and unobtrusive addition to the notebook, in contrast to some manufacturers who place the fingerprint reader as a separate unit on the palmrest.


f3sv | ASUS Global

The audio in and out ports are featured on the front of the notebook, which is a mixed blessing for some. The chassis is entirely made f33sv strong plastic. Luckily, in comparison to the big companies, Asus has limited this bloat to just an anti-virus program and a few utilities.

Vista is fairly sluggish without 2GB of ram, which is a de facto minimum. The camera is a handy feature for video conferencing, but would be used for little else. In effect, there f3sc no way to do a clean Vista install since the OEM disk is a factory restore image. In any case, the new card has range equal to or better than the ABG predecessor.

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In 3DMark SE it f3sc a healthy 16, more than enough to handle older games with ease. The recovery partition and disc allows you to make one single partition if you so choose. The exposed internals including memory bays of the F3sv-A1.

The built-in speakers are located near the screen, and produce an unusually powerful, well amplified sound that is fairly well rounded for notebooks in general.

Asus F3sv-A1 Review

Like all notebooks, the F3sv comes preloaded with unwanted or unnecessary software. I called the Asus tech support twice to see how long I would be put on hold.

If you’re after a unit that will run a wide array of applications without too much pizzazz, the F3Sv is a good choice. There is an in-game message declaring that medium-high settings are too high for decent gameplay.


Asus F3sv-A1 Review

Included at the top of the screen is a rotating, 1. The screen is thin and colors do not distort from minor pressure against the LCD.

Games and films are lifelike. In the evening of another day, the time was longer, being around four minutes. The screen has very little light leakage. The F3sv has a basic built-in soundcard which is similar to all other brands.

Gaming is wonderful on the F3sv, and that is expected considering the power the notebooks brings to the table. The included software zudio Nero 7 Essentials and Norton Internet SecurityAlthough Asus provides the Nero 7 optical disc, the software is not preloaded. Furthermore, on the right side of the notebook, a TV antenna port exists for attaching an external antenna.

I was able to install Ubuntu 7. Asus provides worldwide tech support numbers along with the technical literature. Although SuperPI is not multi-threaded, it has been traditionally used in benchmarking and used here for a bit of nostalgia.