The arrangement of interfaces is mostly unproblematic, but this is only because you can’t connect many devices to the netbook in the first place. You got Windows 7 Starter on this one bundled with the typical bloatware we usually get on all Asus netbooks. The maximum temperatures don’t climb quite so vigorously as on the RPX netbook. When opening the hatch you also have to remove a protective cover from the screw. Izat July 17, at

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Keyboard and trackpad are inherited from the previous models as well. Our selection on inch ultraportables. I have an issue with the single speaker: Bring it to a professional!!!

For the moment, it cannot yet be found in stores but should pop up soon, probably in Eee pc 1015px and prices should be similar to the ones of the current Asus PE version, so around pf.

In order to remove the hard drive it will be necessary to remove the eee pc 1015px cover assembly. Your email address will not be published. Is there a work-around?

If you are going to take apart a complex package like this, and write instructions for others, please include eee pc 1015px more in depth instruction! And it comes with Windows 7 Starter.


The Asus Eee PC PX builds on old strengths and dabbles in innovations that don’t necessarily turn out as well as efe would have hoped. Hi, thanks eee pc 1015px this guide it really helped. So, it comes with the established clamshell body, eeee towards the front and thicker towards the back.

That makes the little laptop usable even in brighter light, which is very nice. However if the display is slanted upwards or downwards, the image quickly deteriorates. The Pros nice design and solid construction high quality smooth plastic eee pc 1015px for the exterior and palm rest nice keyboard eee pc 1015px trackpad matte display good sound volume and quality top features powerful N dual-core Atom processor good battery life.

There’s no need to submit a comment twice, just be patient till I get to it.

The chiclet keyboard and JJP, What is your laptop model number? Lift up the right side of the hard drive and slide it to the right to disconnect the hard drive from eee pc 1015px motherboard.

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Asus unleashes another netbook onto the market with the proven seashell case. A precision, I followed the instructions described there also: Then, can i just use a clear tape to tape on the cables? Is there pf adapter attached to a mini eee pc 1015px slot? I bought one of these to travel around southeast asia with and was delighted.


Review Asus Eee PC 1015PX Netbook

eee pc 1015px The N is a step up from N, no doubt. After removing the screw you reach the RAM module, which can be removed problem-free.

Hello, Thanks for all these explanations. Hi Thanks a lot for this guide! Then eee pc 1015px a fresh Copy of Windows on it and should be significantly faster. Opening up the lid reveals an unpleasant surprise: That must be some magic guitar pick this individual was using there too. Watch out when you buy the netbook: The version we had comes in white, but there will be blue, black eee pc 1015px red color schemes available as well.

I looked up both models on Asus site and they look very similar. With an average brightness of