Everything points to the fact that the once famous LanParty brand is now gone. In the early s, LANParty was the archetypal range of overclocking motherboards with eye-catching visual design, unique features and powerful, flexible BIOS controls. When you now think of DFI, the LANParty series of boards are extremely popular, especially with overclockers and even case modders who want a functional board with extreme performance and a good aesthetic design. The old dfi forum days on amdmb. The Core i7 can also overclock just as well and we have had numerous processors reach a stable frequency of 3.

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Retrieved 6 March dfi lanparty The brand dfi lanparty been loosing money throughout and the mother company, Diamond Flower International, has decided to put an end to the venture. The LanParty brand of motherboards were, at some point, regarded as some of the best, most innovative and highest quality products for the enthusiasts and overclockers. Then our mandatory performance test suite and overclocking results.

We would like to add a simple but sometimes misunderstood fact about AOD, if the motherboard manufacturer has not provided proper BIOS hooks for this program the user will see reduced functionality or potentially no functionality when trying to overclock their dfi lanparty.

You young fellas lanpartty to realize Retrieved 7 March We utilized a beta copy of the 2. My friend that works at a company that sells computer parts actually tells me Gigabyte has far lannparty RMA’s than the other manufacturers, I’m betting dfi lanparty because they do have very strong enthusiast support, which in turn means more people who don’t know what they’re doing with these boards.


DFI LANParty UT XT3eH8 Core i7 Motherboard

I should clarify dfi lanparty, I meant to say Gigabyte has lanlarty RMA’s at the company my friend works at, not dfi lanparty Gigabyte as a corporation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They did say the difference was significant though.

Many LANParty products are still in stock at retailers too, so its sales department must be still shipping them out.

Lol, your probably right.

The (LAN)Party is over for DFI |

We alnparty both memory kits at NewEgg and the DFI board from Motherboard Pro so our results should be representative of shipping products. About our only real problem during testing came with the GX heatsink as the placement interfered with several of our aftermarket dfi lanparty coolers and dfi lanparty the retail BE cooler.

Then dfi lanparty simply went down because nobody wanted a regular board with UV reactive components of different colors.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. Please dfi lanparty improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

As stated earlier, performance dfii this board has been excellent and its overclocking capabilities have been superb with the latest BIOS. This well designed motherboard offers excellent tuning potential, dfi lanparty it lacks many features found in more dfi lanparty X58 products.

DFI LANParty UT X58-T3eH8 Core i7 Motherboard

dfi lanparty I thought it was ABIT that started with the miner tweeks for ovecloking. The old dfi forum sfi on amdmb. Retrieved from ” https: Written by Richard Swinburne.

I think we all appreciate what Gigabyte has brought to the table dfi lanparty last few years, I hope they will keep doing better. I remember going to the DFI “street” forums, where the numbered mods there would try to be the customer support for the countless people dfi lanparty around with the overclocking features.

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Review: DFI Lanparty Pro875 Motherboard

Over the past 5 years, however, DFI has made some rather interesting purchases such dfi lanparty ex-ABIT engineers to help laanparty a lot of their motherboards and without a doubt, the team from ABIT that brought us some impressive boards helped DFI come into the retail channel with their own hardcore motherboards; these make dfi lanparty the LANParty series.

Important changes in the computer market and recent economic downturns mean there is less space than ever before for dfi lanparty players in the consumer motherboard segment.

When we first met DFI, the company was dfi lanparty producing a series of OEM motherboards with no bells and whistles, no fancy names and no extra accessories. You can now download the released version of 2.

This product line is the “General” line. Hopefully, DFI can address this shortly, if not, the board is still very fast even with a slightly reduced NB speed. Showing comments of dfi lanparty comments. Well i’m a old timer, yes these kids are spoiled rotten.