The command also specifies that DevCon use the Netloop. Direct Parallel This display, although interesting, does not provide the hardware IDs of the devices in the Net setup class. Specifically, it reverses the order of the second and third filter drivers. Display the status of all devices on the local computer. Removed 3 device s removed.

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The Reboot feature allows the local machine to reboot and ddevcon that it is for a planned hardware install. The DriverFiles command allows the user to list the driver files installed for devices that match the specified hardware or instance Id. Find and find all devices in a setup class.

Enable devices by class DevCon Disable Example List driver packages by device instance ID pattern. On decon that run WDK 8. DevCon runs on Microsoft Windows and later versions of Windows.

List the devices in a device setup class The following command uses the DevCon ListClass operation to list the devices in Net, the device setup class for network adapters. Predictably, the DevCon Find command, which returns only currently installed devices, does not list the software-enumerated instalp because the device is not installed.

Device Console () Examples – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

Patterns are useful for finding information about similar devices that might not be in the same setup class. Restarted 1 device s restarted.


The following command uses the DevCon Install operation to install a keyboard device on the local computer. Find hardware IDs by using a pattern To find the hardware IDs of a particular device, enter the hardware ID or pattern, the compatible ID or pattern, the device instance ID or pattern, or the name of the device setup class.

Add a filter driver to a setup class Cevcon following command uses the DevCon ClassFilter operation to add a fictitious filter, Disklog.

Windows Device Console (Devcon.exe)

Enable a particular device The following command uses the DevCon Enable operation to enable a devoce interrupt controller that had been disabled to correct a system problem.

The syntax for these commands can be either: In response, DevCon innstall the following seven devices in the Net setup class. List the driver files of a particular device The following command uses the DevCon DriverFiles operation nistall search for the device driver that the mouse device on the local computer uses.

Change the order of filter drivers The following command uses the DevCon ClassFilter operation to change the order of filter drivers for the DiskDrive setup class. One thing to mention before we start is the syntax of the commands: Instead, it assumes the default response, Stop Installation.

Install a driver with inwtall. The following command enables all printer devices on the computer by specifying the Edvcon setup class in a DevCon Enable command. Because this command includes no classfilter operators, DevCon displays the filter drivers for the class, but does not change them. Windows Device Console Devcon. The following command displays all device classes on the computer.


Before DevCon processes any classfilter subcommands, the virtual cursor is at the beginning of the list and is not positioned on any filter drivers. Because Hw2 already appears in the list, it is moved, not added. Note that this command first limits the search to the Net setup class and then finds the “miniport” string. System timer Device has the following resources reserved: Add a hardware ID to all legacy devices on a remote computer Example RAS Async Adapter 7 matching device s found.

windows – Install a driver with – Super User

To install this device during an unattended setup, begin by adding the following files to a floppy disk: The ID is enclosed in quotation marks because it includes ampersand characters. The user assumes that the pattern appears in one of the device identifiers.

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