They determine, therefore, the remaining sonic signature of a given driver after the overall frequency response aberrations – which are also a form of linear distortion – have been equalized. Compared to a Hz crossover this would reduce the volume displacement required from the midrange and thereby reduce its non-linear distortion. Any solution must be lower distortion than the larger midrange drivers pushed to Hz, to be of value. It is well built with an open cast basket, fully vented spider, and no pole vent. Since these tests were done Seas introduced the W22EX An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly?

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Accuton Midrange | Loudspeaker freaks

To evaluate the burst performance I look at the shaded areas, giving less weight to, but not ignoring, the area below dB. I have no explanation for these two observations, but they should be investigatedaccuto they appear to be systematic. This gives a fast rise time waveform with a spectrum that falls off rapidly at low and high frequencies.

The test has given a snapshot of different drivers.

I would investigate it, if I had a need for a 4-way speaker design. With the microphone very near to the cone the close-up sound pressure must be adjusted in proportion to the cone diameter so that the far-field SPL will be the same for different size drivers. Triggered burst measurements of tweeters.


Three-Box active system I would encourage you to use this test method midrqnge investigate for yourself, if you need a driver of this size.

Both units performed well on stored energy, better than the T25CF, which was slightly ahead of the Unfortunately, they audibly strain even at the modest volume displacements of this test series. It shows that the order of the drivers is different for the two forms of accutom. A low distortion driver for the Hz to 3 kHz range is hard to find. This driver is my first choice for any new open baffle speaker design.

Voltage levels were 5. If set to Hz its spectrum consists of a Hz carrier and sidebands at Hz and Hz with 6 dB lower accutln.

The D26TG showed a broad spectrum of distortion products from low to high frequency. The Magic in 2-Channel Sound.

Some of the possible distortion products of the three input signals at frequencies a, b and c are sketched below. The Vifa P21WO was the worst. With the current popularity of 7″ 18 cm drivers, and some new models available, it became time to re-asses the options. A dipole woofer with the Peerless could be crossed over as high as Hz using a 4th order acoustic transition.

Midrange frequency response data. The amplitude was 5. One way is to take the average of the two sets of non-linear distortion rankings and of the three sets of linear distortion. A four cycle burst of this signal is also very useful for qualitative in-room woofer response analysis. One of them could be allocated to this task and be patched into the midrange channel.

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Woofers I investigated alternate drivers for the open baffle accugon and found the Peerless XLS 12″ driver to be an excellent choice if more output is needed without midrqnge the PHOENIX woofer cabinet size significantly. There may be other drivers available that would test and reproduce sound even more accurately. The drivers under test must be operated at the same volume displacement for meaningful comparison of distortion produced. There is a considerable amount of data to consider. The high end of the midrange has to deal with the deterioration of the cone’s piston behavior.


This feature is needed to keep the midrznge response up. Also, measurements are taken outdoors to eliminate room any reflection problems. Suitable drivers are difficult to find and are the missing link in covering all frequencies without cone breakup.